Smart strategy to clear cs executive

Here are few tips on how to prepare for your CS Executive exam

1. Try to don’t forget the ideas and don’t try to mug up things.

2. Analyse each topic from exam factor of view & give unique importance to excessive-scoring subjects.

3. Take a caricature pen and underline the anticipated blanks, MCQs and True / False questions. This will assist you to attain bonus marks for the reason that such questions are normally smooth & straight-ahead.

4. One other way is to get cs executive video lectures which are used by toppers. These free online classes for cs executive are from top faculties in India. Using these cs executive online classes are far better than best coaching classes for cs executive in bangalore.

5. Don’t over-focus on any subject matter for the reason that syllabus is very lengthy. Remember, your primary aim of doing module have a look at is to have a simple expertise of the subject. Therefore, overemphasis to much less important subjects is not at all advocated (mainly during examination days).

6. Don’t forget about to make short notes, wherever needed. This will help you throughout revision time.

7. Make the usage of Scanners to prioritise your have a look at. Understand the trend of questions asked inside the preceding examinations. Easy & high-scoring topics need to be covered first earlier than analyzing the tough & unimportant topics.

8. Revision may be very vital. This point is commonly underneath-predicted but this could be the distinction among a Pass and a Fail.So don’t overlook to revise whatever you’ve got done.

CS Executive- can be an easy one if there is proper preparation done for each and every paper. It is comprises of two modules:-

Module 1:

  • General and Commercial Laws
  • Company Accounts, Cost and Management Accounting
  • Tax Laws

Module 2:

  • Company Law
  • Economic and Labour Laws
  • Securities Laws and Compliances

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