How to prepare for CS Professional exam

Here are few tips on how to self study for CS Professional exam

First of all, determine what number of groups you’ll seem for and stick to it! Do no longer confuse yourself until the end about this.

I seemed for three and taken into consideration them as 9 topics-1group! Give same significance to each difficulty.

Solve FM ordinary! Otherwise you’ll lose touch and formulae will begin fading. Keep doing it over and over.

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Same applies for tax. It’s a sizable problem. Do a chunk, ordinary.

It is human tendency to do the less complicated obligations first and postpone the difficult ones. Do the opposite here.

Work to your weekness till it becomes your electricity. Pick up your most hated/difficult situation first after which the smooth or boring ones.

Practice writing solutions greater than reading. Because within the exam you need to write, and not examine!

Do no longer at any cost, neglect the theoretical portion of FM, Tax and Drafting. Be thorough with the concept.

ITSA – I won’t be the satisfactory individual to indicate something right here. But for folks who warfare to apprehend this difficulty like me, Don’t waste time in know-how, its pure crap! Make peace with it. Draw diagrams, precis charts, key factors or anything however keep in mind it.

I am typically in opposition to the idea of mugging up without knowledge, but this situation value me 6 months for my efforts in know-how the dirty principles.

A sure manner is to simplify the massive text into understandable notes. For example, in relation to learning long approaches like IPO, Rights Issue or Takeover recommendations, make a glide-chart of the manner. Once you realize the flowchart with titles for each step, you may broaden an understanding of the entire situation. Furthermore, you gained’t want to recollect the info in every step as the headline of every step will set up the stairs there underneath and you will do not forget it without problems. This way, you reduce a complete bankruptcy into a couple of pages which not best help in knowledge but revisions and presentation as well.

For this system, it’s far recommended to apply the Institute’s module because the number one source material. Any other reference cloth can come in most effective to fill in gaps left by the module, extra records, or for practice.

Accept your fate, embrace your subjects, make peace with them.

It is difficult, but viable! If i ought to do it, you can simply do it!

All the first-rate 🙂

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