How to pass cma inter / icwai inter

Here are few tips to clear cma inter exam

  1. Make note of syllabus
  2. Allocate min and max time required to study
  3. Its always better to get cma inter video lectures which is prepared by top faculties in India. These cma inter video classes  are used by toppers to achieve their success. These online classes are much better than cma inter online coaching
  4. Start from the scratch, never ever think that you know everything abt something
  5. Draft a schedule for round 1
  6. Follow the schedule (try and retry until u follow the schedule)
  7. Solve MTP and previous yr papers
  8. Start round 2 systematically(with schedule)
  9. Solve MTP and previous yr papers
  10. Revise
  11. Write exam when you are comfortable

Its way more than enough if u focus on questions solved in Icmai institute material. I prefer and suggest PADUKA publication books as reference books for Direct tax and accounts(to understand concepts).

All the best 🙂

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