Company secretary foundation preparation tips

Here are few CS Foundation preparation tips

1. Take a module and go through its index to get an concept approximately what that issue carries. For example, in case you take the business economics module, undergo its index. By this you’ll get an ordinary concept approximately the topics protected in it.

2. Mark the topics which you suppose you’ve got a few information about it. In Business economics, there might be chapters on subjects including call for and deliver, diminishing returns etc. That you may have studied to your high faculty in case you are a trade scholar. Mark them because those are such topics the principles of that you already recognize; you just need to revise it. Also marks topics approximately which you have no concept . Try to examine these subjects first as it will eat greater time. Then after, examine the regarded topics.

3. Get Best Faculty video classes. To get good score you can get best faculty cs foundation online classes used by toppers. You can get cs foundation video lectures free download from there. You can prepare by sitting at your home also you will save lot of time and money by using  cs foundation coaching classes.

4. Use menemonics, memory maps, flow charts and so forth. To recognize and retain the ideas. Write them down in a separate e book for each situation. Writing down the standards and so on. Will help you to keep for a long time. [ If you are that person who is lazy to write in a separate book, write the concepts in brief in the margin of your module where the topic is situated.] P.S. Whether you are lazy or no longer writing in the margin truely allows whilst you are doing a final minute revision.
While reading the chapters, mark strains and phrases which you suppose are crucial and may be asked for mcqs. You can use unique colored pens to mark the vital factors. Use sticky notes as nicely. This can work as a flash card for you.

5. Basic Law has been introduced in the basis path. This is new and criminal jargons are used so it usually take extra time than the rest topics. Devote greater time to it. Topics inclusive of Contract Act, Sale of products Act, etc are vital and it’s far necessary to understand the underlying concepts very well. These acts, if ideas are very clean, permit you to to fetch greater marks.

6. Time period for every difficulty:
Business surroundings and entrepreneurship: 10 days
Business control, ethics and communique: 6–7 days
Business economics: no longer more than 6 days
Fundamentals of accounting and auditing: 6–7 days
Note: the time period is tentative.

7. Also you have to keep in mind that at least you have to examine two modules in keeping with day. This will help you to no longer become bored.

Practice Accounts day by day. Auditing is a new subject matter, try to read it daily.

8. Don’t procastinate.

Believe in your self.

Good Luck

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